Friday, December 19, 2008

Bah, humbug.

I turned 27 yesterday to little fanfare. It didn't even feel like a birthday to me. Remember the parties we all used to have as children? We'd invite half of the 3rd grade class. There were balloons, cake, skating, presents; lots of presents. My 27th birthday had none of that - not even a single present. I got a phone call from my mom that lasted all of sixty seconds. That was my birthday: boring, lonely, uneventful. It felt like any other day, and I'm scared Christmas is going to bring more of the same. Growing up I'd always heard adults talk about how the holiday season tends to lose its luster and sparkle as one grows older, but I never believed them. Well, now I do. Decorating is no longer exciting. The presents bore me, the music makes my ears bleed, and the ridiculous movies on network television depress me. I think these days it's the movies that get me the most. We as viewers are shown these near perfect people and all the friends they have, all the family they spend time with, all the exciting days and nights they spend throughout the holiday season. Well, not me. This Christmas, I'll be alone. For the first time ever, my parents have decided to go out of town and visit family. I was semi-excited about this, until I found out I had to work the day after Christmas. So this Christmas, while you're opening presents with family, or cuddled in front of the fire with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, just remember how much I hate each and every one of you. That is all.

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Benedict Smith said...

head out and drink, that's what i do every holiday....and my family lives in town.