Thursday, August 16, 2007

Major Leaguer Jose Offerman arrested for assault...on the baseball diamond!

If you haven't seen it, former major leaguer Jose Offerman attacked a catcher and a pitcher last night after being hit by a pitch. Happens all the time you say? Kind of like fighting in hockey? Well, here's the kicker. He attacked them with a bat. The catcher left on a stretcher with a concussion, and the pitcher ended up with a broken finger. Offerman left the stadium in police custody.

Here's the link to the Offerman video if you're interested:

This only adds to the horrible summer in the sports world, which has seen numerous sports tainted by the idiotic, irresponsible, often criminal, actions of its athletes - some of whom are big name guys. I'm not sure what's worse, Offerman attacking a fellow athlete and peer with the intent to seriously injure, or Michael Vick allegedly drowning and electrocuting dogs.

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