Thursday, August 16, 2007

What to do...what to do...

OK, so I'm in this awkward position, and I'm not sure what to do about it, or even if I should do anything at all. Let me explain. I have this best friend. He's not any best friend, he's the best friend a best friend could be, if that makes sense. He's less than a month older than I, and we've been friends literally our entire lives. Our mothers were friends and they have pictures of us in cribs next to each other. In other words, I've known him my entire life, for as long as I can remember.

Now that we've got that much established, here's the situation:

He's always been the guy I could turn to when I needed anything at all...the guy I could always count on the be there, whether it's through a phone call needing advice or time spent together hanging out talking about anything and everything, especially females. Well, him being my best friend and all, I like to see him happy and see him doing well. Up until recently he had not had much success with the female gender in terms of sexual relationships. That is, until I took action to change that for him.

Back in February, I took him with me to a friend's Super Bowl party, knowing the friend whose party I was attending would have a single girlfriend of her's there I thought he'd match well with, and I could try to set him up. Hell, it was worth a shot I figured. Little did I know it worked TOO well. They more than hit it off. I think he hit it out of the ballpark the first night, but I never confirmed bit of information with him. That was six months ago, now I think they're in love. He just went with her to Pennslyvania to spend a week visiting her parents. That tells you how serious it's become.

I love seeing the dude happy, but lately it's become ridiculous. He basically has his head stuck up her ass. He rarely answers the phone when I call him, usually because he's with her. And the worst thing of all, the majority of the time I used to spend hanging out with him is gone. Since they hooked up, I'm lucky to see him once every two months, and he only lives 15 minutes away. And when I do get to see him, it can never be just me and him chilling, and talking about guy stuff. Oh no, he always has to bring her along. It's like they're conjoined twins or something. I went out to dinner with them last week and I couldn't him to pay attention to me because he was busy playing tonsil hockey with her, and this was in the restaurant.

So my question is this, do I let things continue as usual, with our friendship permanently altered for as long as they're together? which at the rate they're going could be a long time, possibly with "I do's" involved if I had to speculate. Or, do I call him out on it and tell him I'm not happy with the way he's been treating our friendship since they've been together?

It seems to me like the old adage "bros before hos" applies here. What say ye?

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