Monday, November 5, 2007

The Weekend with Her...

It's that time again boys and girls. What time is that you ask? Oh, come on, you know exactly what time it is. It's time for me to once again divulge (almost) all of the events of my personal life, including the thoughts and feelings that accompany said events. Why do I do this? I'm sure that's what you're asking yourself. Ok, maybe not, but it's what I'm asking myself. From what I've been able to discern thus far, this blog has served as a virtual therapeutic outlet of sorts from which I've learned a lot about myself, while allowing you, dear readers, to do so simultaneously. I must say my writing talent has allowed me to communicate my innermost thoughts and feelings with each of you much easier than I would be able to do through the spoken word. That's something I am working on, however. Call it a veritable work-in-progress.

Anyway, without further delay, I present to you a summary of the weekend...

Friday night: This one's tricky. I'm not sure how much I can divulge here, mostly out of respect for the other party. However, I will say that I and said other party started watching a movie and we were both in such a pleasant mood that we didn't get very far into the movie. It was a good night, let's just leave it at that. Oh well, it was Letters from Iwa Jima. World War II - we all know how that one ended anyway.

Saturday: A great day, yet a tremendously taxing day nonetheless. It started early - too early. I appreciate her constant drive to be productive and efficient, but whatever happened to sleeping in, cuddled up, revelling in the events of the night prior? Nevertheless, after I worked my magic in the kitchen for breakfast we were off to tour downtown luxury condos for a big design project she was working on relating to the marketing of real estate. It was actually fun. We toured this nice place over on Oberlin and pretended to be a young, engaged couple, searching for a lavish place to call home. The lady that showed us around ate it right up. As for the place we toured, wow. It was almost as nice as when I lived in the Nissen in downtown Winston-Salem. I almost felt a little bad lying to the leasing agent. Oh well.

Next up was a foray into the retail world. In this particular instance, Triangle Town Center was the scene. I hesitate to say I hated getting drug around by a beautiful girl , because I actually enjoyed it, being the clothes horse that I am. Business suits were the items of the day. It seemed as if she felt guilty for spending too much money, but reassurance from a wise young man (wonder who that could be) that she was simply making an investment in her professional future seemed to ease the tension a bit (Something I've noticed lately, as I get older by the minute: Finding the right thing to say at the right time is becoming second nature to me).

Now for the "I'll never let you live that moment down as long as you live" event of the day. Let me set the scene for you. Shopping is nearly complete. All items have been purchased. The only thing left is a trip down the escalator on the way to the car. Girl wants to show guy physical affection through the simple gesture of running fingers through his hair. Yet, somehow, she fails to notice the $170 Armani sunglasses sitting on top of his head (Yes, I realize they may be a little hard to notice given the nature of my JFK-inspired hairstyle). Glasses fall off head, and disappear over the side of the escalator's handrail. After arriving at the bottom of the escalator, and not finding any sign of the glasses anywhere, there was only one conclusion at which to arrive: Girl had just knocked guy's glasses squarely into the middle of the fountain. The trouble was, they were impossible to see, impeded by the foam being created from the water cascading from above. To make a long story short, imagine this scene: Guy with fishing net on the end of ten foot pole fishing glasses from center of mall fountain. Thank God cameras were not involved. Physical evidence is the last thing I want to remind me of that. The mental picture is more than enough.

Saturday night: Here's where it got tricky. Guy somehow convinced girl to attend the first scrimmage of the Carolina basketball season with him. The game started at 8:15, yet guy failed to mention that minor detail to girl, instead opting to show up almost two hours early because seating was general admission, so the better your place in line, the better your seat was going to be. After much berating and verbal abuse from the girl after standing in line outside the Dean E. Smith Center for more than an hour, guy and girl found seats near courtside that more than made up for the wait (at least in guy's eyes). As much fun as guy had watching his team, the long day had begun to get to him and a migraine insued. It was all he could do to drive himself and the girl home to the warm comfort of his bed. Luckily for him, girl took necessary steps to ensure headache subsided quickly (Details of those events have been removed to protect all parties involved).

Sunday: No more third person references today. She actually let me sleep in too. Wow, today was starting well, or so I thought. After another amazing breakfast prepared by yours truly, it was off to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to search for quality bedding for myself. I should note that in the course of Saturday's shopping events I saw exactly what I wanted, yet they were sold out of one particular piece for my bed size - the duvet cover. After finding I could order it online from Macy's, I was relieved. However, she convinced me to look other places before making the purchase. Here's where things went a little awry. As we perused the aisles, she began pointing out suggestions to me as potential purchases. For whatever reason, I didn't care for any of them. Apparently I came across as snobbish in making my distaste for the items she suggested known. I can assure you this was not intentional, I just know what I like. A minor argument insued, as she portrayed me as being a snob for liking expensive, name brand things. But for me, it is not a matter of price, but appearance. If I had liked the things she picked out, I wouldn't have cared if they were $10 or $10,000.00, I would have bought them. I liked the stuff at Macy's better. It just so happens what I liked costed an arm and a leg. And yes, I made the purchase anyway (It should arrive today via UPS). There's a lesson to be learned in these events boys and girls. It's easy to misinterpret someone, even a significant other. This is why it is important to be completely open and honest with each other, something I made known immediately that I appreciated in her. Were it not for her possessing these qualities, I may never have known I came across in that manner.

Her frustrations with me were resolved through extra effort on my part. Who knew you could solve a problem and make a girl smile with a simple desk lamp? That's an inside joke of course.

Another weekend in the books folks.

P.S. - Guy continues to fall for girl. HARD. We'll see what tomorrow's roadtrip to Columbia brings.

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