Thursday, December 6, 2007

19 Shopping Days Left...

Is it just me, or does it not feel at all like Christmas? It used to be that as soon as I took that last bite of Thanksgiving turkey I was in full-fledged Christmas spirit. Now it just seems as if it comes and goes in a flash. You blink and it's passed you by. I guess time really does fly as you get older. Remember when you were a child how the December days leading up to Christmas used to just drag by? Yeah, me too. I remember, and I want that feeling back. I want that giddiness of antipating opening presents with family and friends.

Now Christmas seems more like a deed you just have to get out of the way. We mindlessly shop for gifts because we have to. Television markets to us the same four or five "must have" items of the year, and if we don't get one of those items to give to those on our lists, we've somehow failed at Christmas. Whatever happened to thoughtfulness? Whatever happened to giving something of meaning because you care about those to whom you give gifts? Something of meaning that costs $5 will be received with so much more gratitude than something that costs $500 but has no personal meaning (The only exception to this is the unexplicable relationship between women and diamonds. That infuriates me, therefore we will not go there - at least not today).

I would encourage each of you to take a moment this holiday season to remember what it's all about. Remove yourselves from the materialism of it all and focus on the quality of the time spent with those you love. Focus on your family traditions, whatever they may be. And, most importantly, focus on the greatest gift that we were all given. I hope I don't have to tell you what that gift was.

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