Friday, January 18, 2008

A Novel Update

Sorry I haven't had much time to update this space lately. It's been a rather hectic week. I'm definitely looking forward to some snow this weekend. Plus I get Monday off of work for MLK day. It should be a good time to stay inside and continue writing. I just wanted to give everyone an update on how the novel is coming. If I'm lucky you'll see it on your local bookshelf in say, 12 months or so. There's a lot of work to be done between now and then though. I'll give you, my loyal readers, a little teaser. Let's say you are browing Barnes & Noble, and you pick up my novel. This is what you'd read on the dust jacket when determining whether or not it's a book you'd be interested in buying/reading. Feedback is appreciated.

The Crash

Growing up in the sleepy southern town of Oxford, North Carolina, Forrest Stevens dreams of escaping to the city in hopes of finding true love, and leaving behind the stereotypes and expectations that burden him as the son of a preacher. He learns that leaving was the easy part; finding love is perilous.

When an unlikely parking lot collision presents a new interest, Forrest's life is changed forever. He falls in love when Peyton Ann Thomas literally comes crashing into his life, escaping the loneliness and depression that have plagued him for years.

Forrest's new life is perfect - or so he believes - until uncanny events masked by a series of thinly veiled lies cause his world to cave in upon him. Mistakes fueled by his anger leave him fighting for his life, and for his belief in love.

The Crash is a story of love's attempt to conquer all, and what happens when individuals from completely different worlds collide and must deal with the wreckage left behind.

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