Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Halfway Home, Plus Random Tuesday Fodder

As I type this, I'm approximately halfway through my manuscript. I've already begun compiling a list of potential publishers for my novel's particular genre and preparing packages to send to them. It's truly amazing to see all the different things they want to see from a first time author. The one thing they all require is the first ten pages of your manuscript. Check. A letter kissing their collective asses doesn't hurt either. This preparation will all be worth it if it means I get to check off another Top Ten item on my bucket list. Item #4 reads: I will have at least one of my novels published and made available for sale before I die. When it does occur, that will be three items completed out of the Top Ten and I'm only 26. This tells me two things: Either I need to slow down a bit or add to the list every time I check off another completed task. Hmmm. I'll have to think about that one. Something tells me all this bucket list talk has piqued your interest and I'll have to do a post soon dedicated solely to my list, the things I chose, and why. You can count on that one coming sometime in the near future to a computer near you, or an iPhone, or whatever it is you kids have these days.

Other random Tuesday fodder:

The DVR is going to get quite a workout tonight. The Tar Heels play at Virginia, One Tree Hill comes on, and a girl I know well from back home made it to the Hollywood audition rounds of American Idol, which also comes on tonight. Good luck Marsha! I don't think I have to tell too many of you which one of those takes priority, however.

Big, potential life-altering change possibly coming soon. Stay tuned.

My roommate's girlfriend's dog smells like sweaty testicles. He initially made this observation, and last night I concurred after giving it the old sniff test. Does not giving your dog a bath fall under Mayor Meeker's water restrictions?

Valentine's Day is Thursday. Don't forget the ones you love, and especially the ones who don't have someone to love them. You have no idea how much remembering someone can mean that that individual.

After much deliberation, I finally made a PostSecret. It felt good to get that out.

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